Al Zain Oasis Technology

Leading provider of Tech Services to Utility Companies

Al Zain Oasis Technology is a dedicated subsidiary Al Zain Groups that focuses on SCADA Systems, Telecom Solutions, Networking Solutions, Smart Grid Solutions, Cyber Security Solutions and Automation Services. Al Zain Tech have consulted and commissioned 100+ SCADA Systems Commissioning, upgrading and maintaining for several utility companies across UAE. We have been the top service provider in the niche of commissioning dedicated telecommunication networks and remote terminal units fro Oil and Gas Industries across UAE. We understand that your utility business is dealing with mission critical systems and applications. and we treat with highest priority inorder to provide a end to end secure commisioning and upgrade of your systems for a smooth and efficient operation of your business. We're not just here to install a system: we're here to help secure your data, credentials, inventory, sensitive information, lives, and work. We are trusted by companies all over the world to secure their data and infrastructure through our wide range of security and surveillance systems.

A Message from Our Chairwoman-Owner


Our Vision is to become one of the top technology companies in UAE and to become a reliable and dependable technology partner to support our nations Critical Infrastructure Projects, Utility Companies and Organisations.


Our mission is to create safer, smarter, more secure and sustainable technologies and efficient mission critical systems and applications for our clients. We strive to deliver complete turnkey solutions with exceptional support and services for our clients in an efficient and cost effective manner.